September 14, 2011

My Beautiful Dress from Dubai

A friend of mine went to Dubai on business and he got me this gorgeous dress which I absolutely LOVE!!!! I couldn't wait to wear it.  Yesterdays (9/13/11) I had I a few errands to run, as always I like to be comfy but cute and I think the dress was perfect. So, I paired with flats, light accessories and I was off to start my day, which was super busy but surprisingly got everything done, yayyyy me lol. I even got to checkout the Missoni for Target Collection, I got there around 2-ish and all the best pieces were pretty much gone :( but its all good, I wasn't going to buy anything anyway, I just wanted to check it out..... Overall I had an amazing day, I got a new job offer *Big smile* and I spent the rest of the afternoon with with a special friend (Yes, hes the one who got me the dress) enjoying some fine African cuisine.  As always thank you sooooo much for stopping by and pls feel to comment and let me know what you think about my beautiful dress (gift).


Dress: Gift from Dubai
Shoes-Flats: Go Max
Accessories: Forever 21
Watch: Thrifted-Vintage

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