October 31, 2011

How was your Weekend Dolls??

Heyyyy Dolls, Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!!! I'm not a fan of Halloween so I usually don't  dress up but I love seeing other people's fun creative costumes..... Anyways, on to my weekend, I had an amazing weekend!! On Friday I was pretty much out all day I worked, had lunch with a handome friend and a meeting with a girlfriend about a potential business opportunity. My Saturday was a lil different I  didnt get out of bed till like 3ish, hey I need my beauty rest lol. I worked for about 3-4hrs,  ate then went to  a Halloween event hosted by "Playdate Atl" with another girlfriend of mine and afterwards we went to "Eye Candy Saturday" at Luckie Lounge.  And On Sunday I pretty much worked all morning, went to Church,  came home and slept all afternoon. And that was my weekend, what about you dolls, how was your weekend? What did you do?

What I wore: This outfit is what I wore on Friday. (I will post the pics. of what I wore on Saturday to the Halloween Event tomorrow).... You'v seen these shorts before here but I didn't tell you guys  that they were  my 1st DIY project, I got some old Gap jeans from my local thrift store cut them up and POW my new fav. vintage shorts lol. The lace top and blazer are from Charlotte Russe, Ninewest shoes and H&M Tights. I love this look in fact one of my favs. and I got mad compliments on how great I look *big smile* but, your opinion means the world to me so feel free to comment and let me know what  you think!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

Music Monday: Adele "Someone Like You"

Hey Dolls, this week "Music Monday"  is not new but its def. one of my all time fav. songs "Someone Like You" by the super talented British Songstress Adele.

Thanks for stopping by!!

October 30, 2011

Sunday Best: Green Lights!!

Heyyy Dolls, happy Sunday!! Jus got home from Church and I just wanna do a quick post of what I wore to Church this morning. Ok, I am sooo proud of myself for putting this outfit together on a 1st try, usually I have the hardest time finding something nice to wear to Church on Sundays but this morning was a breeze, thank you Jesus lol.  I'm still building my Fall/Winter wardrobe and I was sooo excited to find this  beautiful green sweater/shirt at my local thrift store few days ago and I couldn't wait to wear it!! I love it and its sooo easy to style. Its been super cold in Ga so, I paired with it the long sleeve old navy shirt (under), black Ann Taylor trousers, my Classic BCBG bow pumps, finished the look with light green accessories and I was off to give God the love and respect he deserves!!  Checkout my mini indoor/outdoor  photo shoot and let me know what you think the of the look :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

October 24, 2011

Music Monday: Rihanna “We Found Love”

Hey Dolls, happy Monday!! This "Music Monday" is Rihanna's new hit single "We Found Love" I love love love the video!! Its very upbeat and somewhat deep. So, check out the video and feel free to comment. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week muahhhh!!!

October 23, 2011

Sunday Best: So Much More Alive!!

Heyyyyy Dolls, Happy Sunday. As I mentioned on my last post I've been sick all week/weekend but I am feeling much much better, big thanks to God of course!!! As you all know the 4th Sunday of the month is youth Sunday at my Church aka Casual Sunday. which actually worked in my favor this week, yes, I am feeling better but I'am still sick, so I was not in the mood to play dress up and/or getting all dolled up. I just wanted to look alive and comfy lol. Since it was a lil chilly outside this cute lil sweater from Charlotte Russe was perfect, I paired it with my most comfy jeans from Express and yellow-ish ballerina flats, to finish the look I went crazy with the pearls as you can see and added the lil beanni for color.

As always thank you sooo much for stopping by and have a great day muahhhh!!!


October 21, 2011

"Cheers to the Freaking Weekend"

Heyyyy Dolls, Happy Friday!! I know I haven't been blogging much but I've been sick and pretty much been in bed all week. I am feeling a lil better, I just have to maintain a stress free lifestyle and I'll be fine!!!... TGIF, my plan for today and the rest of the weekend is to get out of the house and do something fun, something to cheer me up. So check back for all my fab.OOTD posts and in the meantime heres a few things I'm absolutely obsessed with this Fall!!

                                      Tights with everything

                                         Sweater Dresses

October 17, 2011

Music Monday: Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean "Lay It On Me"

Heyyy Dolls, Happy Monday!! This week "Music Monday" I am Loving Kelly Rowland ft. Big Sean "Lay it on Me" video. The song/video is hot hot hot and as always Ms. Rowland looks amazing. And Big Sean baby, you can lay it down on me anytime lol... Anyways, enjoy the video, thanks for stopping by and have a great week muahhhh!!!

October 15, 2011

Forever 21 Store Opening at Lenox Mall Event!

Heyyyyy dolls, Happy Sat. I don't usually blog on Saturdays but I just wanted tell you guys about my morning. Sooooo, Forever 21 FINALLY open a store at Lenox Mall!! The opening was crazzyyyyy. The 1st 400 customers got free gift cards. The bestie and I got there around 7-ish and the line was already long, by 10am the line was packed with over 700 people. But, we got our gift cards and I'm so glad we went. The store is HUGE, it is over 27,000 square feet and of course it has all the latest/hottest trends. I got a few cute skirts and a scarf!! I'm will most def. make that location my home lol... anyways I'm still at the mall at the Apple store getting my non-reliable computer fix AGAIN ughh, checkout the pics. of what I'm wearing, have a great weekend and I will catch you guy later muahhhh!!!

October 13, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Style Icon-Kanye West!

I will say Kanye is hands down a Style Icon. He's not afraid to take fashion to the limit, he wears what he likes and whatever the heck he wants. From neon suits to flamingo pink shirts. Which is why I had such a hard time selecting one of his looks as this week "Inspiration Thursday"But, I had sooo much fun looking through all his stylish looks and had even more fun putting this look together :).  So, checkout all the pics. and let me know what you think!

        "Inspiration Thursday"         
     Because sometimes we all need a little inspiration!

What I'm Wearing- Blazer: T.J.Maxx... Polo: Aeropostale... Jeans: Guess... Thigh High Boots: Go Jane... Scarf: stole from the Bestie... Glasses: Gucci... And thrifted belt.
Thanks for reading and have a great day muahhhhhh!!!

October 10, 2011

My Weekend!!

Heyy Dolls, Happy Monday!! I haven't been on the blogging mood lately but I just wanted to do a quick post about my weekend. Well, I had an amazing weekend: Friday I went to a house party, I spent my Sat. afternoon with a very cool, funny, handsome friend down at my fav. spot Atlantic Station (we had an amazing time and def. looking forward to seeing him again) and on Sunday I went to a bar downtown with one of my girlfriends for drinks and to watch the game!! I did not take pics. of all the outfits I wore over the weekend but this is what I wore on Sat.
Dress: Forever 21... Flats: Shoe Time... Tights: H&M.

I hope you dolls had a great weekend, thank you from reading and have a great week muahhh!!

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