August 31, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama Covers Essence Mag.

My biggest role model,  First lady, Michelle Obama, looks absolutely beautiful as always on the October issue of Essence Magazine. (Title cover: Embrace Your Power) she talks about her mission to help young women/girls across the world and much.  Be sure to grab a copy when the mag. hit the stands Sept.12.

Happy Hump Day Lovies!

Summer is coming to end so I figure I need to get the best out of my summer wardrobe (p.s I mostly work from home so I don't get to play dress up everyday). Today I had a few errands to run and some business to handle and as I was looking for something cute/comfy to wear  I came across  these vintage harem pants that I bought back in June from a local thrift-store and never got a chance to wear.............I style them with a plain red tank top, my cute lil denim vest, my Jessica Simpson gladiators and finished the look with light accessories.
 As always thanks for reading!

Vest: Marshalls
Tank: Old Navy
Harem Pants: Thrifted
Gladiators: Jessica Simpson

August 30, 2011

Time to Sparkle Things up!

This weekend is one of my friends b-day, she wants to have a girls night out and I love girls night being that she's married with children we don't get to hang out often. When we do get together we do LOTS of girl talk and drinks cocktails after cocktails. So, I was thinking of wearing something shinny for our girls night out and as I was looking through my closet I realize I have NOTHING shiny, not even one sparkle or Sequin top. OMG, how did that happen?? Its time to sparkle things up, p.s holiday season is around the corner I need to add as many shiny pieces as I can to my wardrobe ASAP.
As always thank you for reading and hope you having a great week!!!

August 29, 2011

Music Monday: Beyonce "1+1"

B. at the VMA last night looking stunning as always and pregnant!*Big Congrats to her*

Choosing a video for this week "Music Monday" was sooo easy beacuse Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter released her new video for the hit single "1+1" which I LOVE.  Like the rest of the world I adore Beyonce, she has REAL talent, she's a triple threat (she sing, dance and act), she's drop dead gorgeous, she's a role model (the list goes on and on) but best of them all she's a trend setter.. So, checkout the video I hope you like it as much as I do! As always thank you for stopping by and have a great fun safe productive week muahhhhh!!

August 28, 2011

VMA 2011: Red Carpet Fashion *My Favs*

Selena Gomez
A very Pregnant Beyonce 

                                                   kelly rowland

Zoe Saldana
Katy Perry I Love her cute lil Dress

These ladies looked absolutely Stunning, Katy Perry's dress was soooo adorable but Beyonce and Selena Gomez we're def. my favs. and big big big congrats to Beyonce on her pregnancy I'm super happy for her! 

Sunday Best: Casual Youth Sunday!

The 4th Sunday of the months is youth Sunday at my church, the youth get to sing, dance and our Youth Pastor preach. And we all get to dress casual/down but of course appropriate. Since I haven't wear jeans in a very long time due to the hot Ga weather I wore my most flattering/comfy dark blue jeans with my new red vintage blouse I bought over the weekend from a local thrift store, my  also new Leopard Ballet Flats from Cato and finished the look with a hand full of pearls. So Checkout all the pics. and feel free to comment. Thank you for stopping by and have a Bless Sunday muahhh!!

August 27, 2011

Movie Casual: "Colombiana"

Ok, idk if you guys know but  I am a BIG movie fanatic! Every time a new *GOOD*  movie come out I like to catch it in theater the 1st week and yesterday (Friday) I watched "Colombiana" starring the beautiful and super talented Zoe Saldana and OMG, she kicked ass. She was a ruthless killer with a killer body lol. I've seen some great movies so far this year but "Colombiana" is def. movie of the year for me. You guys must go see it!!

Now on my outfit: on Fridays I like to be super casual and of course super cute, and nothing is more casual than denim shorts! Since I've been wanted to do denim on denim I paired it with a denim button up, my cute lil leopard gladiators and colorful accessories. (Funny, I didn't even realize I was wearing 2 of the hottest trends right now "*Denim & Leopard*) anyways checkout the pics. above/below hope you like my look and feel free to comment! Thank you for reading and I wish you all a fun safe weekend muahhh.


August 26, 2011

Shopping Tips: Shop Smart Not Hard!

Since I am a Personal Shopper and a die hard bargain shopper, so I figure I'll give you guys some tips to help you get the best out of your shopping experience.

1-Have a plan. Check your closet for what you could use or need
2-Set a budget. Knowing how much you can spend ahead of time will help you sort through the racks quicker.
3-If you a bargain shopper like myself check out thrift stores and outlet stores.
4-Start early. For special occasions allow yourself at least two weeks prior to the event to find the dress. -You'll need extra time for shoes and accessories.
5-Dress for shopping. If you'll be looking for a special occasion dress, try to wear or bring undergarments (strapless bra, etc.) to go with the style. Or wear easy on/off clothes. Also, styled hair and makeup will make looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror much easier.
6-Shop by yourself. If you really need a second opinion, put the item on hold and bring someone back with you later.
7-If need help locating an item be sure accept a salesperson's help. You'll be surprised how much time you'll save
8-Try it on. Walk, sit, bend in the clothes. Do they move easily? Are the seams pulling? Do zippers, buttons, etc. all function properly? (Especially when thrifting)
9-Use the three-way mirror. Get an honest look at your rear and side views. Look for extreme panty lines (too-tight pants), bunched up waist (too big)
10-Remember to check the care tags. Especially if laundry concerns matter to you, if so, you may want to do this while browsing. or you'll see how much care the item is going to require.
11-Check the return policy. Many stores don't give cash back, just a store credit; but some mark sale items are "final sale" which meaning you can't bring them back at ALL.
12-Avoid buying items you can't return for at least a store credit.

Things You'll Need:
A Shopping list
Money: checks, cash, credit cards
A shoulder bag so you  can keep your hands free for shopping
Its very important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for trying on clothes and walking

Hope you find these shopping tips helpful! Thank you for reading and have a great weekend muahhh!


August 22, 2011

IFB Project: My Blogging Tool Kit

This Week IFB Project #10 theme is "Blogger's Tool Kit"

  And these are all the tools I need:

-Laptop: My MacBook- the most important tool of them all

-Camera: My Sanyo- to take all my fab. photos.

-SD card Reader: To upload pics. from my camera to my laptop.

-Magazines: For inspiration and to keep up with all the new hot trends.

-Pens: I don't really use them but I like having them around when I'm blogging lol.

-Phone: My HTC Evo Shift- for when I'm on the go. (Which I was using to take the these pics.)

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