June 30, 2011


Hey Loves, Happy Thursday.

Sooo, Yesterday was day 1 of my personal mission to find the perfect b-day Jumpsuit and a Lace Black Dress. Well let's just say it was an EPIC-FAIL. I went to 2 malls and almost every store in those 2 malls and nothing. Well, I did find some nice stuff but not what I was looking for. which is why I'm going to 2 different malls again today, the mission goes on..... As I said, I did find some really nice stuff *Big Smile* H&M had a really big sale and I couldn't help mysef lol....Check out the pics. >>Below<< ...Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you have a great day muaahhhhh.

June 28, 2011

Birthday Wish

As I mention on my last post my b-day is coming up (July 11). And One thing I love is taking pictures. As Nicki Minaj said "I wish I could have this moment for life" unfortunately we can't. Having the right camera to capture those special moments is extremely important (at least to me).  I will say my Sprint HTC Evo Shift  camera phone has been a life saver but I need a real camera, something like the professionals use lol.... So if you love me and want to make me a very very very happy girl on my b-day this year, that's what I want. A professional digital camera!!!! I really want the "Nikon D3100" but anything similar will do lol...I also have a "Sit in Hair Dryer" on my Wish List but I can get that myself LOL.....Soooo Thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate the love muahhhhhh!!!!!


(Pic. from Nikon.com)

June 27, 2011

Birthday Shopping List

So, my B-day is coming up (July 11) I don't really have any plans yet but I know I want to go out to eat, have a few cocktails and maybe hit up a nightclub with friends. Meaning I need to go shopping! Of course I need Night-Wear and Day-Wear. For the Night wear I'm thinking something like a lil black lace dress and for the day wear def. a floral jumpsuit. The Floral Jumpsuit been on my Summer Wish List for a while now but I just  can't seem to find the right one. So this weekend I'm going on a mission to find the perfect one.

But Anyways How was your weekend Darlings??? My weekend was great. Friday I went to T.G.I.Fridays for drinks with a Friend, Sat. spent the afternoon at Atlantic Station (Downtown Atlanta) saw "Bad Teacher" and it was Hilarious, def. a must see. I usually go to Church Sundays but this Sunday I woke really late I didn't get to go so I stayed in, spent some time with my dog Pebbles, watch "Drop Dead Diva" and catch up on my beauty rest. Overall I had an amazing weekend and I'm ready to start my week. So Happy Monday, hope you have a great week and I will catch you guys later muahhhh.


(Pictures From Google)

Hello and Welcome!!

Hello and Welcome to my new fashion blog, I'm Cindy aka Priiincesss. I'm not a writer but I am a Personal Shopper. Shopping always been my passion. Someone once asked me if you could do anything for free, what would you do? and I said Shopping with the biggest smile on my face. And there you go StyleofaLifetime.com  was born.  As a personal shopper I am my business so looking good at all time is a must. My main goal for this blog pretty much is to promote my business, showcase my personal style and talk fashion.

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