May 30, 2014

Day 16: 5 Must-Have Foods On A Deserted Island

Day 16 of the "Just Blog it" Challenge topic isssss... 5 Must-Have Foods On A Deserted Island 

 [You’ve been exiled to a private island, and you can only bring 5 foods with you. What five foods do you pick?]

When it comes to food I'm simple.
P.S. I'm an island girl so as long as I have my RICE I'm GOOD,  LOL.  

  5- RICE

Thanks for stopping by!! 
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May 29, 2014

Day 15: HF Inspiration Thursday- Classic White Button Up

Hey pretties, HAPPY THURSDAY!
 It's Day 15 of the "Just Blog it" 30 day Challenge and the topic is Why Did I join The Challenge?
I joined the challenge as motivation to blog everyday. I kind of lost my desire to blog it felt like a 2nd
job and somewhat demanding. But I'm back and my goal is to make it fun again. 
Blog about my OOTD and all the things that make ME happy. 

About the look
For this week Inspiration Thursday the Haitian Fashionistas and I are taking the Classic White Button 
up for a SPIN!!! But the thing is regardless how you spin it the Classic White Button up is
 SERIOUS very SERIOUS and you have to be careful or you'll walk out looking a librarian,
 lol. So I went casual :) Paired it with my super adorable pink floral Lilly Pulitzer skirt 
and my red Prabal Gurung for Target flats. 

Thrifted: Blouse and Skirt... Shoes: Target. 
 Thanks for stopping by 
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May 28, 2014

Day 14: My Vegas Style Challenge Ft.

Hey Beautiful people, HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!
Before we get to Day 14 of the "Just Blog it" challenge let's talk Vegas Style.
Everybody know this Priiincesss LOVES a challenge so of course I accepted when  the's  
team reached out to me about joining their "My Vegas Style" Challenge. 
I was asked to create looks for a full day at their Aria Resorts & Casino
So I created a Pretty Lunch Date, Sexy Dinner and Shiny Girls Night Out look.
Checkout the looks, let me what you think  and of course your more than welcome to join the
challenge and share YOUR Vegas Style with us ;) 
And Day 14 of the "Just Blog it" 30 Day Challenge topic is ...Top 5 People To Follow On Twitter.
Well, I haven't actually tweet or follow anyone on twitter for over a year., yes shame on me, lol. 
But I do have my Priiincesss twitter account which is linked to Facebook fan page Priiincesss Clothing.
But I would say the top 5 people to follow on Twitter should the people who inspirations you.
Don't just follow the gossip and the people who ain't saying much. 
Thanks for stopping!
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May 27, 2014

Day 13: What Are Your Reading? And New Look

Hey darlings, happy Tuesday!!!
So after a long amazing weekend I am back at work, ugh.
Not excited but it is Day 13 of the "Just Blog it"30 Day Challenge topic What Are You Reading?
I am reading "Your Whole Life" by Carol Showalter.
It's about Eating Healthy, Living a Healthy Life and Loving God. 
It's a great book and I do recommended checking it out :)

About the look: Wore it to work on Friday. Had a long day of kid niece graduation, date night
and no time in between to change. So cuteness and comfort was all that matters.  
Pants: Wet Seal... Top: Thrifted... Shoes:
Thanks for stopping by!!
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May 26, 2014

Day 12: Favorite Social Media Platform & Memorial Day

Hello beauties , Happy Memorial Day, again.
Before we get to day 12 of the "Just Blog it" 30 day challenge let's take a moment to
remember and thank those who have given up EVERYTHING to serve THIS nation so we can live freely. 
We thank you ALL.   

Ok, lets get to it... Day 12 topic issss... Favorite Social Media Platform and Why
 "Which social media platform has become your favorite, and why?"
My Favorite social medial platform  has to be FACEBOOK!!
Out of ALL the social networks it brings me the MOST business, 80% of my sales to be exact. 
And thats between my personal Facebook and my fan page Priiincesss Clothing .
But these social medial platforms below have helped my business as well.
Twitter: Priiincesss
Personal Instagram: I am Priiincesss  

Thanks for stopping by!
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Day 11: Toot Your Own Horn

Hey beautiful people, Happy Memorial Day!!

I know I'm late with day 11 of the "Just Blog it" 30 Day  Challenge but better late than never, right?!.
Well, let's get to it,  the topic is.... Toot Your Own Horn 
 Most of us are excellent at being too critical of ourselves and are not so good at the opposite. 
It’s time to toot your own horn! Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

My favorite thing about me is the passion and drive I have to go after whatever it is that I have 
 my mind set on. Reason why I know MY business will do well. 


Thanks for stopping by, muahhh!!
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May 24, 2014

Day 10: Featured Business

Hello beauties, welcome back to I am Priiincesss my lil style corner :)
Day 10 of the "Just Blog it" 30 Day Challenge- Topic: Featured Business.
Is there a business you would like to spotlight? Write a Featured Business post and talk about it.

Well, I would like to spotlight my Haitian Fashionistas  Facebook group 
I created the group as a way to bring more fashion to the Haitian Community here in Atlanta, Ga
as well a showcasing ALL Haitian Fashionistas
Below is a mini collage of  beautiful pics. posted on the group by our members. 
check them out. 

 Thanks for stopping!!
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