April 30, 2013

Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Week- The Style Wars Fashion Show

Wore my "I Didn't Ask to Be Haitian" Tee on the Runway! 
 What I wore to the show,  a Thrifted Zara dress...Will post more pics of the look tomorrow! 
Hey dollies, HAPPY TUESDAY!!!
On Saturday I attended and walked the runway on the Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Week- Style Wars Fashion Show and these are a few of the pics.... As you can see each of us had to style one of the season hottest trends, in thrifed pieces. My trend challenge was Black & White, I don't have much white pieces in my wardrobe but overall I think I did an okay job. So checkout all the pics. and feel free to comment!!! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous day, muahhhh!!! 
 My Girl Samara her and daughter 
Fly Won Rock the ShortSuit Trend 

 If I Were a Brit Girl Rocking the Short Suit

 My Friend Samara stopped by
Me Rock BLACK & WHITE!!!!!
 Ms. Ga Plus America look oh so FABULOUS!!
 Before the Show!
 Style is She Rocking the Black & White Trend
 The Fabulous Judges
Final walk  
 Me Rocking the Black & White Trend

 The Judges

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April 29, 2013

Monday Madness: Priiincesss.com is open for Business

Hey hunnii bunnies, HAPPY Monday and welcome back to Monday Madness!!!

This week is a little different, because I have some EXCITING news!!!.... I FINALY launched my online store, Priiincesss.com is now open for business!!!! Launching a store is NOT easy, but its a great feeling to actually watch your long life dream becomes a reality!!
I thank God for my bestie Kirk of Forever Kirk for all his help with the site, the logo and for taking the pics..... When you get a chance be sure to stop by Priiincesss.com  checkout the site and all my fabulous followers and blogger friends get 20% off just use the code "Bloggers". 
My Fave Dresses 

Ok, on to the party::: About my weekend: I had somewhat of an extended weekend, took a couple of days off went to Florida and spend sometime with my family/friends. Came in Saturday, attented and walk in the Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Week Fashion show, work and of course work a lil on Priiincesss.com. Sunday, church, meeting and some finish touches on Priiincesss.com. As you can see my weekend was VERY busy.. 

Now let's hear ALL about YOUR fabulous weekend, so go ahead link-up and who knows!? Your post/blog might be feature of the week ;)

 I am sooo happy that you are here, thank you sooo much for linking up every week, its been an absolute pleasure partying with you all. 
As always there are NO RULES to party with me, just link whatever you'll like to share, grab the 

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April 28, 2013

Church Chic: Gone with the Wind Fabulous

Hey babes, HAPPY Sunday!!!
As you guys know I was in Florida for a couple of days, yes, I had a FABULOUS time with my family and friends!!!! I had the chance to hang out with my girl Jen, of In Jenny's Closet, she gave me this BEAUTIFUL skirt that I couldn't wait to style for Church this morning!! She gave me a couple of other pieces which you will see on the blog soon. 

I have to run (Launching Priiincesss.com, TODAY) but as always THANKS for stopping by, checkout the pics. enjoy the look and have a FABuLOUS Sunday, muahhhh!!!
Skirt: Gift from In Jenny's Closet...Top & Blazer: Thrifted...Shoes: Calvin Klein
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