April 30, 2013

Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Week- The Style Wars Fashion Show

Wore my "I Didn't Ask to Be Haitian" Tee on the Runway! 
 What I wore to the show,  a Thrifted Zara dress...Will post more pics of the look tomorrow! 
Hey dollies, HAPPY TUESDAY!!!
On Saturday I attended and walked the runway on the Thrifting Atlanta Fashion Week- Style Wars Fashion Show and these are a few of the pics.... As you can see each of us had to style one of the season hottest trends, in thrifed pieces. My trend challenge was Black & White, I don't have much white pieces in my wardrobe but overall I think I did an okay job. So checkout all the pics. and feel free to comment!!! 

Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous day, muahhhh!!! 
 My Girl Samara her and daughter 
Fly Won Rock the ShortSuit Trend 

 If I Were a Brit Girl Rocking the Short Suit

 My Friend Samara stopped by
Me Rock BLACK & WHITE!!!!!
 Ms. Ga Plus America look oh so FABULOUS!!
 Before the Show!
 Style is She Rocking the Black & White Trend
 The Fabulous Judges
Final walk  
 Me Rocking the Black & White Trend

 The Judges

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