November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy thanksgiving darlings!!!
Thank you for your continuous support, blogging is what is because of you all!!

Enjoy the day and spend as much time as you can with family and friends, muahhh!!!
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November 25, 2014

Small Business Saturday Shopping Event

Hey super beauties, HAPPY TUESDAY!!! 
Ready for Thanksgiving? I am sooo ready to stuff my face and of course spend some time 
with family and friends.
I'm usually super excited about Black Friday but this year I'm more excited about 
So please stop by the Design & Beauty Boutique 
1920 Cheshire Bridge, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

I will be there 12-5pm with a fabulous rack of clothes and everything will be 50% off. 

AND  you'll get a FREE American Express "Shop Small" shopping bag 
designed by Rebecca Minkoff. 

If planning on stopping by please RSVP HERE
Thanks for stopping by!!
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November 21, 2014

OOTD: Fall Colors Fall Leaves

As promised my "Haitian Fashionistas" Inspiration Thursday Fall challenge look. 
And oh, HAPPY FRIDAY babes, muahhhhhh!!!! 
Blouse & jacket: Thrifted... Skirt: Target... Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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November 19, 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Fall Colors 2014

This week my fellow "Haitian Fashionistas" ladies and I are talking FALL COLORS!!!
I'm a BIG fan of fall colors, they are rich, vibrant and sooo fun to mix!!!

Was unable to take a few shots of what wore for the challenge to share today but
I will post some real soon. 
Photos Credit: All Googled
Thanks for stopping by!!
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November 16, 2014

Church Chic: Fall Blessings

 Happy Sunday Beauties!!!
Just a quick post of what I wore to church this morning few thoughts about life, 
my life to be exact. 

You know I'm in my late 20's and for the 1st time of my adult life, I feel like a true grown up.
I mean, I've learned so much about life in the past couple of months than I've learned my ENTIRE
life.  Like how much life SUCK and how amazing is it at the same time. I now understand the 
value of good credit, good friendships/relationships, makings goals and reaching them and most
importantly the importance of my own happiness. 
I know I can't control everything and I don't understand why a certain things happen but I 
do know God has BIG plans for me and he will guide me through this thing call LIFE. 

Here's to the pursued of Happiness, love and the art of life. 

Skirt,Top & Belt: Thrifted... Boots: ShoeDazzle... Pearls: I Heart Jewels
Thanks for stopping 
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November 15, 2014

Wishlist: Fall/Winter Cravings

Hey beauties, HAPPY SATURDAY!!!
As I was looking for something to wear this morning I realize I did not have some of the things 
I wanted to wear.  I wanted to rock a oversized swearer with some skinnies, riding boots and 
a chunky scarf but the only thing I had in my wardrobe was the skinnies.
So I made a Fall/Winter wish list. 



Thanks for stopping!!
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November 13, 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Blazers

So we are rocking Blazers for our "Haitian Fashionistas" Inspiration Thursday challenge.
I have over 20+ blazers, almost every color and prints and this is the one I choose for this challenge, 
Why? because this blazer been sitting in my closet for over 2 years, lol. 
Thrifted everything except shoes, ShoeDazzle

Thanks for stopping by! 
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November 12, 2014

Office Chic: Lost and Found Pics.

Happy Hump Day my darlings!!!
So, I actually wore this outfit weeks ago but never share the pics.
maybe its cause I wasn't feeling the quality of the pics. but here they are.
Hope you like them. 
Pants & Vest: Thrifted... Blouse: Rainbow.... Shoes: Calvin Klein via Ross...
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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November 09, 2014

My Weekend: Haitian Fashionistas Fashion Swap

Hey beauties, HAPPY MONDAY!!!
So about my weekend, I hosted our 1st "Haitian Fashionistas" Fashion Swap Party
and it was a total SUCCESS, the ladies had an AMAZING time!!! 
Btw, the "Haitian Fashionistas" shopping tote is available for purchase and its only $8.
If interested in getting one please shoot me an email,
Vintage Queen, Wendy and I posing with our "Haitian Fashionistas" shopping tote.
My girls def. showed love. Nay, Nikki & Nicola, and Leora, 
Posing with my girl Cassandra who played photographer and took these AMAZING shots
and my Fashion angel and co-admin Mary. 
Awww man, it was such a pleasure meeting the FABULOUS Pam, such a sweet woman!!

Our house DJ, the amazing DJ Lazer, if in the Atlanta are please book him for all your DJ needs. 
 awwww, she LOVED her "Haitian Fashionistas" shopping tote :) 
 The fabulous and SOOOO FUNNY Soso of SooSooTasty Sweet Boutique
 These FABULOUS ladies LOVED their "Haitian Fashionistas" shopping tote.
 The Design & Beauty Boutique is BEAUTIFUL
My hunnii Wendy, 1st Giveaway winner of the evening

Thanks for stopping by!!!
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