September 26, 2011

Combat Sunday!

Hey Dolls, I had an amazing Weekend. I Hangout with some really cool people and met some really cool people!!.....Anyways, yesterday (Sunday) as I mentioned on a previous post last month, the 4th Sunday of the month is youth Sunday at my church so we dress casual. Since I had a busy day and didn't really have much time in between to change, I thought it was wise to wear something appropriate for church,  cute and comfy enough for everything else I had plan!!  And this outfit was perfect for the day, it was fun, cute, comfy, casual and most importantly appropriate for church. P.s I got to rock my super cute combat boots!!! Overall I looked great and had the time of my life!!! What about you dolls?? How was your weekend??

What I'm Wearing:  My cute lil vest that I can't get enough of from Marshalls,  new jeans from Rue 21, long sleeve graphic tee from Old Navy, and my only but super cute Chinese Laundry combat boots.

As always thanks for reading and have a great week muahhhhh!!!

Music Monday: Tyrese Gibson "Stay"

Heyy Dolls, Happy Monday!! I am loving Tyrese's new song/video "Stay" and his leading lady Taraji P. Henson one of my fab. actress looks absolutely stunning!! I'm a big fan of Tyrese, hes extremely talented and super SEXY. So, checkout the video below and be sure to pick up his album "Open Invitation" November 1st..

Thanks for reading and have a great week muahhhh!!!

September 23, 2011

Casual Friday: Easy Breezy Fall Night Out!!!

Hey Dolls, TGIF and Happy 1st day of Fall!! Summer was great but I am soooo over the hot weather and I am more than ready for some easy breezy Fall nights :). Unlike my week my weekend is filled with fun, fun, fun and some packing I'm in the process of moving (ugh I hate moving).... Today, I am getting together with a very handsome/ funny friend of mine for a night in the town!!!  So, before I leave I just wanna do a quick post of what I'm wearing, it makes no sense posting a post title "Casual Friday" on Saturday (Blogger pet peeve of mine lol)" I have to run so checkout the pics. and pls feel free to comment.

What I'm Wearing:  Everything I have one except the shoes  are things I bought at the beginning of the year but never really got the chance to wear. The Destroyed Jeans I got when I went to Florida in June from a local store called "Styles" and the top I got from F21 back in Feb. And these fab. leopard wedges are from Charlotte Russe, I love these wedges so much  I had to get 2 of them lol, p.s it was a BOGO for $10.

As always thanks for reading and have a great weekend muahhhhh!!!

September 22, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Goodbye Summer!

*I have nooo idea why I look sooo mean*

Heyyyy Doll, happy Thursday?? 
Yesterday I received my Oct. issue of Instyle Magazine (btw, Katy Perry looks super cute on the cover) anyways, as I was flipping through the pages I came across the pic. above of these amazing ladies rocking some fab. red pants. Rachel Bilson's look is my fav. but they all look chic and inspired. So, using that pic. for this week "Inspiration Thursday" was a no brainer.  P.s. What a great way to say goodbye to Summer? In Fall colors!!  So, I paired my fab. red-skinnies with my new leopard blouse and royal blue peep toe pumps that I bought early this year but never got chance to wear.  I kept the look somewhat simple because I wanted the red skinnies to stand out and make a statement. What do you think of the look dolls?  Are you a fan of color bottoms? Use the comment box below to let me know what yall think!! 
Thanks for reading and have a great day muahhh!!
        "Inspiration Thursday"         
     Because sometimes we all need a little inspiration!
Shoes: Cathy Jeans
Red-Skinnies: Rue 21
Blouse: Vintage-Thrifted

September 20, 2011

Red Carpet Diva - Amber Riley

 I have seen some exquisite looks on the red carpet over the years I'm talking looks from Beyonce to Eva Longoria but WOW, Amber Riley def. got the best red carpet looks of the year well, at least in my eyes. I mean, she looks absolutely stunning on EVERY red carpet. I love everyone of them but the 1st look above is def. my fav. but don't take my words for it checkout the pics. above/below and feel free to comment!!! (Btw, for those of you who don't know who Amber Riley is, she is a talented actress/singer and she plays Mercedes on Glee)

September 19, 2011

Movie Casual: "I Don't Know How She Does it"

My lil cutie pie Pebbles!!
                                                   Lol, I look sooo mean here.
 Sat. was a great day, I got my nails done, I hangout with my girlfriend and I saw Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie "I Don't Know How She Does it" btw, great great great movie def. a must see..... Sunday was also a great day I went to Church in the morning and got together with another girlfriend of mine to watch the game big ups to the Atlanta Falcons on their win.  Overall I had an amazing weekend!! What about about you? How was your weekend?

 What I Wore: Sat... Everything I have on these pics. are super old, but I think the Cardigan looking thing is from F21, the  dress/shirt is from a local boutique, the cute lil flats are from Shoe Time and the tights are from H&M....I was too lazy to take pics. of what I wore Sunday night lol.

Thank You for stopping by have a great week muahhhh!!!


Music Monday: Jessie J "Price Tag" Ft. B.o.B

Hey Dolls, Happy Monday!! I'm sooo excited about this week "Music Monday" because I love love love
this song "Price Tag" still my ringtone lol by the absolutely beautiful and super talented Jessie J ft. B.o.B!!!! I adore her and I can't get enough of her fun unique style. Honestly, I'm not big on buying albums but I would buy her latest album with my eyes close, thats how good it is. So, checkout the video below and I hope you like LOVE  it as much as I do, enjoy!!

September 18, 2011

Sunday Best: Color Me Vintage!!

 Hey Dolls, Happy Sunday. Just a quick post of what I wore to Church today, so  checkout the pics. above/below and pls feel free to comment!!!
 What I Wore: Vintage-thrifted shirt and shoes, mini lace skirt from Charlotte Russes, H&M tights and got the belt from a local yard sale. 

I Adore these shoes!!

Thanks for reading muahhh!!


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