September 19, 2011

Movie Casual: "I Don't Know How She Does it"

My lil cutie pie Pebbles!!
                                                   Lol, I look sooo mean here.
 Sat. was a great day, I got my nails done, I hangout with my girlfriend and I saw Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie "I Don't Know How She Does it" btw, great great great movie def. a must see..... Sunday was also a great day I went to Church in the morning and got together with another girlfriend of mine to watch the game big ups to the Atlanta Falcons on their win.  Overall I had an amazing weekend!! What about about you? How was your weekend?

 What I Wore: Sat... Everything I have on these pics. are super old, but I think the Cardigan looking thing is from F21, the  dress/shirt is from a local boutique, the cute lil flats are from Shoe Time and the tights are from H&M....I was too lazy to take pics. of what I wore Sunday night lol.

Thank You for stopping by have a great week muahhhh!!!


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