October 23, 2014

I'm Obsessed- with my Red-Pants

Hey Beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY!!
I am obsessed with my.... Thrifted Red Pants!! 
Because they are absolutely FABULOUS and fits like a glove.
And I guess I'm obsessed with my Red-Calvin Klein red pumps too, I'm wearing them in all 3 looks, lol.
I can't help myself, I believe when you love something you wear it as much as you can. 
And yes, if I wear something 3x or more I am OBSESSED. 
LOOK 1- Inspiration Thursday-Fancy Shoes
LOOK 2- Inspiration Thursday-Day Sequin   
LOOK 3- Single Wives Weekend-Big Hat Brunch
Thanks for stopping by!!
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Inspiration Thursday: I am Scandal's Olivia Pope

Hey darlings, HAPPY THURSDAYYYYY!!!!
This week  we are channelling our inner Olivia Pope.
We, the "Haitian Fashionistas" challenged ourselves to create a look inspired by the very 
smart, beautiful, sassy ABC Scandal character, Miss Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington.
I love the show and I LOVEEEE me some Olivia Pope, I was so SUPER excited about this
challenge and hope you like my look. 
All Thrifted Except Shoes... 
Thanks for stopping by, muahhh!!
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October 22, 2014

OOTD: Fashionista's Fall Uniform

Hey darling, Happy Hump day!!
If you been following me for a while now you know my Fall/Winter go to are a fab. blazer, boots
 and sometimes a scarf. It was really cold this morning then got warm later in the day so I def.
had on way too much clothes on. But I was cute and that's all that matters!!!

And oh, I kinda love my iPhone 6+ 
It's super big, all of kind of fabulous and perfect for all my fashionista needs!!!
Pants: Marshalls... Jacket: Thrifted... Scarf: 5Below... Boots: ShoeDazzle...
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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October 19, 2014

Business Beauty Dress-Suit

When I'm vending I like to look professional, polished and chic.
And I've think I accomplished just that with this look over the weekend for the 
Single Wives Weekend Be Your Own Boss Business conference.
What you think? Love? or nah? lol. 
Thrifted Priiincesss-Timess DressSuit... & ShoeDazzle Shoes
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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Single Wives Weekend: Big Hat Brunch

The Single Wives Club ends their "Single Wives Weekend" with a FABULOUS Big Hat Brunch
hosted by The Wives Society and this is what I wore. 
I had an amazing time and met some great women. 
Can't wait for year!!!
My Red carpet shot and I won a best dressed gift from the Single Wives Club CEO.
My self with Koereyell and the BrownSkin Trini she won best hat.
Thrifted: Pants & Jacket for Priiincesss-Timeless... Shoes: Calvin Klein: 
Thanks for stopping by!!

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