September 08, 2011

Fall/Winter Wishlist

Fall is actually my 2nd fav. season!! Winter, not so much.. (I must say Sept. just started and its getting cool pretty quick smh) But whether I like Winter or not I still have to get my wardrobe ready. So these are a few items I want/need for Fall/Winter. Some of them I already purchased (but I still wanted to share them with you guys), some I will be buying between Sept./Oct. but will def. have all of them by Black Friday.

1-  I already have a pair of black Combat Boots but I want a brown.
2- Boyfriend Jeans are cool and super comfy! Def. a Fall Must Have.
3- I have some tights but I need/want some colored ones
4- Thigh High Boots are chic and soooo sexy! I already purchased 2 Pairs from  and I can't wait to start rocking them, they are def. winter must haves.
5-  I've already added a few leopard pieces to my overall wardrobe but I'm still looking for a fitted Long sleeve leopard dress.
        6-  Military inspired Jackets never really go out of style and they look amazing                                     with Boyfriend jeans /Combat Boots.(Already Purchased)
7- Grandpa Sweaters are sooo cute! (Already Purchased) 
8- I've been looking for some nice Nude Pumps since summer started and still haven't find the right one, I really hope I find one this season coming season.

                                 What's in your Fall/Winter wishlist?

                   Thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate the love muahhhhhh!!!!!


  1. Its a very Informative and nice post <3. Hey, I am new to blogging, show me some love by following me too
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  2. Thanks Doll, and welcome to the blogging world!

    I'm heading to your blog right now to check it out.

  3. love the green jacket and the heels!



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