May 27, 2014

Day 13: What Are Your Reading? And New Look

Hey darlings, happy Tuesday!!!
So after a long amazing weekend I am back at work, ugh.
Not excited but it is Day 13 of the "Just Blog it"30 Day Challenge topic What Are You Reading?
I am reading "Your Whole Life" by Carol Showalter.
It's about Eating Healthy, Living a Healthy Life and Loving God. 
It's a great book and I do recommended checking it out :)

About the look: Wore it to work on Friday. Had a long day of kid niece graduation, date night
and no time in between to change. So cuteness and comfort was all that matters.  
Pants: Wet Seal... Top: Thrifted... Shoes:
Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. I love love your blog page!!!!!!!!!!!! And your post!

  2. Those shoes are so cute. From Payless??? Wow, they look super expensive. How recently did you buy them?


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