August 04, 2011

Single Life: My Online Dating Venture

Well few years ago I launched my very own dating site for busy professionals, unfortunately it did not workout as I hope it would so I decided to do something I'm truly passionated about instead. I know some of us have, can and will find true love trough Online Dating. Online Dating have been around for about 15years in those 15 years more and more people have met their soulmate online, study shows "1 out 5  Relationships Begin on an Online Dating Site". Even though I was a Mini Patty Stanger in the making I have not personally have the full online dating experience. I’m young, good looking, smart, no mental illnesses, why online dating? Well, I don't have have a problem meeting men in Atlanta in fact I have met a lot of cool good looking men also been on some great dates, but I feel like I've been meeting "Mr Right NOW" instead of "Mr. Right". I don't know if I'm looking or going to all the wrong places but what I do know is I'm ready and want to find my soulmate. So I think its time I try something a lil different, Online Dating.  I'm currently looking for the site with the most success rates. I've joined its free and its one of the top 5 best free Online Dating Sites, although I know the paid sites works the best but the question is Am I willing to spend money on a site to meet someone? I'm not sure, unless its one of those money back guarantee sites LOL. So wish me luck dolls as I start my new Venture to find true love, Online.


  1. I'm a bit disillusioned with online dating right now. I thought I met who I thought was the one on Match in november of last year and he turned out not to be who I thought he just be careful girlie! It broke my heart

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. It depends on your luck if you find awesome person through online dating.


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