October 01, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- October 2011

Did you know Oct. is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?? Well, if you didn't know now you know :).. Im a big supporter when it comes to raising breast cancer awareness in my community and around the world! I try to help every time I get a chance, whether its donating, volunteer to help raise money, join an organization, walk for the the cure or simply wear something pink all Oct. I will continue to help and fight until the day when breast cancer is eliminated from the face of the earth. And ladies, its very important we stay Knowledgeable about breast cancer. Get screened yearly, learn your family history, and most important live a healthy life. Try not to eat fastfood, and exercise on a regular. By living a healthy lifestyle you not just eliminate breast cancer but you will also look and feel great, live a long happy life, and have beautiful healthy babies lol........ If you not already doing your part, I encourage you to get envolve today, whether you want to run/walk, volunteer, or donate. Just know somewhere out there you changing and/or saving a life.

To learn everything theres is to know about Breast Cancer Visit The Susan G. Komen site!!
                                    Think Pink Live Strong!


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