October 31, 2011

How was your Weekend Dolls??

Heyyyy Dolls, Happy Monday and Happy Halloween!!! I'm not a fan of Halloween so I usually don't  dress up but I love seeing other people's fun creative costumes..... Anyways, on to my weekend, I had an amazing weekend!! On Friday I was pretty much out all day I worked, had lunch with a handome friend and a meeting with a girlfriend about a potential business opportunity. My Saturday was a lil different I  didnt get out of bed till like 3ish, hey I need my beauty rest lol. I worked for about 3-4hrs,  ate then went to  a Halloween event hosted by "Playdate Atl" with another girlfriend of mine and afterwards we went to "Eye Candy Saturday" at Luckie Lounge.  And On Sunday I pretty much worked all morning, went to Church,  came home and slept all afternoon. And that was my weekend, what about you dolls, how was your weekend? What did you do?

What I wore: This outfit is what I wore on Friday. (I will post the pics. of what I wore on Saturday to the Halloween Event tomorrow).... You'v seen these shorts before here but I didn't tell you guys  that they were  my 1st DIY project, I got some old Gap jeans from my local thrift store cut them up and POW my new fav. vintage shorts lol. The lace top and blazer are from Charlotte Russe, Ninewest shoes and H&M Tights. I love this look in fact one of my favs. and I got mad compliments on how great I look *big smile* but, your opinion means the world to me so feel free to comment and let me know what  you think!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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