July 07, 2011

New Buys- Shoes!


My new shoes came in today so I am very very happy  :)  I kind of use the excuse its "my birthday" to buy new shoes lol p.s Charlotte Russe  had a 4th of July sale and I could help myself. So I ordered 3 pairs
to wear this weekend  and they all were shoes I had on my Summer Wish List anyway. 

1-  Summer=Colors and I don't have many colorfulshoes in my closet, so I had to get those :)
2-I've been wanted those little Jazz Lace Up for a min. now and they goes with everything.
3- Omg, don't get me started on those Buckle up Wedge Booties!  I Love Love Love Wedges 
and when I saw those I fell in Love instantly and I had to have them. 

Pics. of the Actual Shoes:

Pics. Credit: Charlotte Russe

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  1. Hi!
    I see you comment on Chicisimo and I just discover you blog! Now I'm following you!
    You can take a look to mine, and follow it if you like it.

    Love your shoes!!

  2. Thanks Dolls, and I am also following your blog now :)

  3. Oh! Love The firts shoes!
    Thank you for your chic in chicisimo.


  4. Awww, no problem and Thank u for visiting my blog :)


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