March 28, 2012

WIWW: Movie Casual

Heyyyyy Dollies, Happy Hump day!! Today I am sharing with you dollies what I wore to the movies on Saturday. I'm sure you guys already know I am a movie fanatic, it come out, its good, then I'm going to see it :) I saw 2 movies over the weekend, "21 Jump Street" LOL funny, those boys did an amazing job. AND I saw "Hunger Games", OMG, def. movie of the year for me. It was FANTASTIC, big big big ups to Jennifer Lawrence for an amazing performance!!!!  

Now about my outfit: Going to the movies is my peace of my mind/time to myself, therefor I like to be cute, casual and super comfy.  And what's more comfy than boyfriend jean-shorts?!! I got those cute shorts about 2 summers ago from old navy, I absolutely adore them. They comfy, fun and goes with pretty much everything/anything. I paired them with a button up denim for a lil denim on denim action, the grey blazer and the  pink flats for color!! 

Shorts: Old Navy... Top/Flats/Belt:Thrifted.. Blazer: T.J.Maxx.. 
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