March 29, 2012

Let's Talk: Purses!!

 Couple of days ago I received a question from one of my lovely readers/followers, her question was "You don't carry purses? I never see purses on your outfit posts." Well, to answer your question, I'm not big on purses not that I don't carry purses I just don't change my purses according to my outfits. I'm a shoes and clothes lover. A purse's job is to carry my goodies and I don't really care if it matches my outfit. Honestly, I can go weeks carrying the same purse. BUT, I do like and have nice designer, vintage, leather bags.  Especially vintage purses, I usually spend hours and hours at thrift stores looking for vintage one of a kind purses, such as this one here and here. To give you give an idea of my taste/style in purses I found these fab. pics. on the web of purse I like and would love to add to my wardrobe!! So, check them out and anything else you would like to know about me feel free to drop me an email at Thanks for asking and looking forward to more fun questions!!

Yes, I am a double handle kind of a girl :)
Btw, all photos are from Google image

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