November 07, 2011

The Matching Game!!

Heyy Dolls, Happy Monday!! I know, I'm not a fan of Mondays neither but Its always a blessing to see another day so, make it work (in my best Tim Gunn's voice lol) Anyways, on to my outfit, yesterday after Church I had a few errands to run so this is what wore: I think its time I start rocking my comfy leggings, for some reason I wanted to play the matching game so I went all brown and added the pink scarf for a lil bit of brightness lol. As you can see here and from my previous posts I'm having a blast with Fall colors!! So checkout all the pics. and pls feel free to comment and btw I'm working on getting a professional camera so I can take wayyy better pics. Thanks for reading and have a great week muahhhh!!!

What I wore: The Scarves and Blazer are from my local thrift store, the leggings and tank top are from F21 and the cute lil ballerina flats are from Ross!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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