November 20, 2011

IFB Project #22: So Thankful, So Grateful!!

This week the IFB Project #22 is "What are you thankful for?" Omg, I am sooo grateful and sooo thankful for everything God has done for me. All my blessings, my health, for guiding me to the right path in life and most of all for giving me the opportunity to reach my dreams!!... I am also very thankful for my wonderful family for not giving up on me, my small circle of friends, my bff for putting up with all my bs, my brat dog Pebbles for loving me even when I yell at her lol, my amazing followers for all their love and support and of course my super lawyer for being such a gentleman at all times and for taking care of my speeding tickets LOL.
           So, thank you, thank, you thank, you thank and THANK YOU!!!! 
What about you dolls, what are you thankful for??


Thanks for stopping by!!

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