September 29, 2014

My Weekend: Denim Madness

Ok, so my weekend was pretty fabulous!!
Friday, I stopped to see my honey Sandy, we watched a 2 hr Season Premier of Shark Tank.
Saturday: Was pretty crazy. I helped out with the HYRO 2014 Youth Forum.
LYFT for a few hours, grab a bit to eat with a friend.
 Attended two meetings about an upcoming project. 
And end the day by hitting up Aroma Lounge with my girl Nikki and her friends.
Sunday: Did not make it to church. Picked up my car from Nikki's. Stopped by to see some friends.
Grocery shopped, put gas in my car and did a little bit of Priiincesss Clothing work, this post
had some tea and went to BED.

Ok, maybe my weekend was more crazy and less fabulous, lol.
So, what about you? How was your weekend?
About the Look: My fellow Haitian Fashionistas and I are on Denim on Denim Madness.
But I think I'm on a denim overload, lol. I kinda wore denim ALL weekend. 
Thrifted: Jeans and Jacket... Shoes: ShoeDazzle.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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