September 24, 2014

Inspiration Thusrday: Fall Look

When I 1st grabbed this jacket from Eva Paul-Boutique Vintage collection, 1st thing I thought 
OMG, Fall mixed-prints. AND our Haitian Fashionistas "Inspiration Thursday" challenge
is......... 1st Fall look.... 
BUT when I woke up Tuesday morning I kinda had a hard time styling it,
the pair of pants I had in mind didn't work out too well but this skirt was the perfect match.
The yellow tank wasn't exactly a winner but my room is a HOT-MESS, finding a different 
tank would have been a bit impossible.  (Don't judge me).
Can't say this look was a totally winner but I like it and there will be MANY chances to 
re-style the jacket. Will most-likely do a 1 piece 3 way challenge.

What you think? Hit?  Miss? or  straight up EPIC-FAIL? 
 Btw, be sure to checkout my J over at for more Vintage and modern clothing. 
Skirt: Thrifted... Tank: Forever 21...Jacket: Eva Paul... Shoes: ShoeDazzle
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