September 07, 2014

About My Weekend: Relaxed, Ate, Drank & Wore

Ok, so I had an EASY RELAXED weekend. I took a mental break from EVERYTHING, 
including, SOCIAL MEDIA. I did absolutely NOTHING!!!
Saturday, I went to an early morning bootcamp  session with the Haitian Fashionistas
then went home showered, changed into the look above and went to one of my friend's vendor show.
Went  back home had a salad for dinner, hung-out a little then went to a pajama party.

Sunday, spent most of the day in my bff Kirk of Forever Kirk's bed under his American sheets, lol. 
Finally got out of bed around 7-ish went to the grocery store, shopped, cooked and planned 
my meals for the week.  And we are here, MONDAY,  back to work, ugh. 
Breakfast: This Honey Bunches of Oats- Morning Energy is sooo delicious!
I gotta have my 2% Milk, everything else is just NASTY. 
Fun at the Morning Bootcamp Session with my fellow Haitian Fashionistas.
We got our @ss  KICKED but we rocked and look FABULOUS!!! 
Yummy, Salad for Dinner.
After dinner snack: Banana Strawberry smoothie.
Lazy Sunday in Kirk's bed. 
Shorts: Thrifted.... Tank: Forever 21... Flats: Go Jane... Hat: Target
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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