August 07, 2014

Inspiration Thursday: Menswear Challenge

Ugh, these pics. SUCK. :(  
I couldn't take great pics. this morning because some girl was outside walking 
her scary PITBULLS. But, I did capture a few shots of this week challenge look.

This week Inspiration Thursday Challenge is "Menswear" and I think I nailed it. 
Now let's see how my fellow Haitian Fashionistas rocked the "Menswear" trend. 
Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. Thank you for joining our link up party! I really like how you styled your menswear challenge. The scarf really adds a girly touch.

  2. I am always afraid to do the menswear challenge, as I believe, I might overthink it. But this look is menswear but DIVA!!!!! So cute. Thank you for joining the link up party last Wednesday. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

    Thrifting Diva

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