August 28, 2014

100 Happy Days- Weekly Update 1

Still doing my 100 Happy Days Challenge and as promised few of the things that make 
and keep me happy... Last and this week. No specific order.... Will share every Saturday.
We are going to JAMAICAAAA.... In Dec.
These DELICIOUS Dole Lemonade from KFC are the BEST!!!!
I am adopting a more healthy lifestyle 
Had Sushi for lunch ... Last Monday.
I went ou for Hookah and drinks with this beauties... Last Saturday.
Caught the Sunday on my way to work... Last Week.
My honey Nikki got me SUNFLOWERS... Last week.
Working on giving my PRIIINCESSS boutique a makeover makes me truly HAPPY!!! 
 Added new books to my bookshelf. 
Getting back to RUNNING!!!!
Birthday Dinner with my favorite guy, my bestie, Kirklan of Forever Kirk.
Had a rough day but was still happy.
Was pretty happy my work day/week was OVERR... Last FRIDAY!!!!
Happy about living a positive simple life.

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