June 18, 2014

Beach Body: Health & Fitness Highlights

Hey Beauties, Happy Hump Day!!!.... Let's Talk Health & Fitness :) 
My birthday is July 11 and I want to go to the beach but my body is not exactly beach ready.
So, June 11 I started operation "Birthday Beach Body" in hopping to get my body in a 2 piece 
swimsuit by July 9. The ONLY problem is Im LAZY and LOVE carbs. 
So I didn't really set goals I just decided to  adopted a more healthy lifestyle.
Not a diet but more so eating and drinking the things my body NEEDS. 

I added lots of Veggies, fruits and water to my diet, reduced my daily calories to 1200 and control the 
portion of my meals and snacks. 

And since I've always LOVE running I run 4 days a week.
I use the Pacer APP to track my step. My daily steps goal is 10k. 

So far I feel GREAT and its only been 2 weeks!
I will keep you guys posted on my routine, results and of course struggles. 
Oh and I need new and more stylish running clothes/shoes. 

Thanks for stopping by!!! 
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