July 01, 2013

Monday Madness: Bartender Casuals

Hey babes, happy Monday and welcome back to  Monday Madness!!!!

Btw, I am truly sorry about last week, got soooo busy and forgot all about Monday Madness but I am BACKKKK and ready to PARTYYYYYY!!!!!!!

But 1st, I would like to share a quick pic. of my bartending attire. I'm sure I've mentioned this here before but as a side hustle I bartend at Skyy Lounge in Lawrenceville Ga during the weekend and since our uniform is black, I like keep it simple with leggings, tank and of course my riding boots.)

About my Weekend: As no surprise, I am TIRED.com but I had a FABULOUS weekend. got a lot done and spent some fun time with friends!! Ok, enough about ME, I cannot wait to hear all about your FABULOUS weekend!!

So let's get to it: I am sooo happy that you are here, thank you sooo much for linking up every week, its been an absolute pleasure partying with you all. 
 As always there are NO RULES to party with me, just link whatever you'll like to share, grab the button if you like and let's partyyyyyyyy

Wear What You Love 

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