June 22, 2012

Summer 2012: Pretty in Pink!!

Wow, I've had this dress for over 5 years, havent worn in a min. but still one of my faves. :) 
Since dresses are pretty much my summer uniform its only right to start the season in a pretty in pink maxi, right?  Yea, I think so too, lol. 
Yesterday was a crazy day for me, I had tons of errands to run, people to meet, and calls to make but I did get everything done and even had time to stop at Marshalls and bought some super cute shoes that I cannot wait to wear *Smiles*..... Anyways, checkout the look,  pls feel free to comment and have a great Friday/weekend, muahhhhh!!!

Dress: Rainbow(old)... Flat: Traffic... Earrings: Ebay... Arm party: inPink...
Thanks for stopping by!!

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