June 27, 2012

OOTD: Big Girls Make big Girls Decisions

Hey dollies, Happy Hump Day. On my last OOTD post I mentioned that I was interested in getting into Network Marketing. Well, I am now in Network Martketing, you are looking at a new Organo Gold Distributor bka #CoffeePriiincesss, LOL.. I am super excited and ready to get to work as soon as TODAY and cannot wait to see where this journey takes me! I'm going into this new business venture with nothing but faith, because I believe this is God's plan for me. So I know you guys will back me up 100% in this, so THANK YOU in advance :).  
And of course if you've interested and/or would like to know about the business, just drop me a quick email missclafalaise@gmail.com I would be more than happy to tell you all about it, I will also add a link to my back office on the blog sidebar just in case you guys would like to buy coffee!

 Now about the outfit:  This is what I wore yesterday to a meeting/training, I wanted to look professional but still chic and this Peblum dress been sitting in my closet for wayy too long. So I thought I'll show it some love and rock with it some bright heels and my fav. inPink statement necklace! Btw, as you can see I still struggle to take great pics. the lighting is never right, ughh. Anyways, what do you think of the look? 

Dress: Macy's... Shoes: Charlotte Russe... Necklace: inPink

Thanks for stopping by!!

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