July 09, 2014

Travel: Mini Beach Getaway Packing Ideas

I LOVE going on trips but I HATE packing, ughhh.
I never know what to bring so I ALWAYS over-pack... Then I found "Travel Fashion Girl"
A blog focused on travel and FASHION which helps packing for my 
Birthday Beach Getaway to Panama City Beach this weekend a LOT easier!!! 
LOVE the Maxi and flats idea for sightseeing and shorts for beach time. And OH, I only need ONE
pair of shades for the ENTIRE weekend, no need to pack 3-4 pairs, lol. 

Be sure to stop by Travel Fashion Girl for more travel tips and look out for 1000+ from my mini vaca. 
And also stop by here  Friday, July 11th to wish ME Happy Birthday :) 

Thanks for stopping by!!
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    Beijos Marie.


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