October 07, 2013

Monday Madness: The Simple Life

Heyyy darlings, 
HAPPY MONDAY and welcome back to MONDAY MADNESS!!

I was going to brag about my FUN & RELAXED weekend but I'm not a bragger, lol.
So, I'll just say this;
I went to the Spa, thrifting, dinner, movies and church.
Might not sound all that exciting to most, 
but I've been soooo busy I was beyond HAPPY to have a TRUE day off.

Ok, ENOUGH about MY weekend, let's talk about YOUR weekend!

I am sooo happy that you are here, thank you sooo much for linking up every week, 
its been an absolute pleasure partying with you all. As always there are NO RULES to party with me, 
 just link whatever you'll like to share, grab the button if you like and let's partyyyyyyyy!
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