February 28, 2012

Now or Never!

Hey dollies, Happy Tuesday!! I work from home so taking advantage of any opportunity to get dress up is a must but being the fashionista that I am finding things to wear is a bit of a hassle. A lot of time I will find the perfect outfit take pics. then change my mind about the whole look *smh* and/or I just don't like the way the outfit looks on film. SOOOOO today I am posting those outfit that didn't get to see the streets or my camera fail me. 
I wore this outfit to a last min. Fashion Show *Camera FAILED*

I was suppose to wear this to Church on New Years Eve but I wasn't feeling it so I changed. 

Wore to a b-day dinner! Clearly my camera FAILED me :( ...... Really Looking forward to colored denim this coming Spring/Summer!!
Wore to a Haitian nightclub, camera failed *Again*...... My stomach looks kinda big here but my booties are hotttttt!!!!
 Errands, changed my mind but wore the leggings with a different top > here
Went grocery shopping Camera=EPICFAIL
Went on a girls day out with my cousin down at Atlantic Station *Camera FAILED* 
Wore to go get my nails done and of course my camera failed me AGAIN 
Yooo, what was I thinking?? lol DID NOT see the streets lol. 
Wore to Church but pics. came out very blurry :(  

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